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Why A Sense of Responsibility Matters


Last week, we explained why it’s important for residents to do housework style jobs and tasks where possible, as part of their individual wellbeing programmes.

One key benefit it provides is a sense of responsibility and duty, like a lot of our residents had before moving in with us. Whether that’s sorting out the laundry, dusting or hoovering and preparing daily meals, such mundane tasks to you and I are really important to our residents. By doing them, it provides a sense of normality and responsibility to them and makes them feel more settled and content in our care.

At Cramlington House, a few residents play an active role in preparing meals and snacks for tea time. They look forward to that time of the day, setting up the tables and preparing and making the sandwiches. They have a lovely little system in place where they use chalk boards and chalk to detail who’s made which sandwiches on each day. The sandwiches are then served to all residents by staff members.

At West Farm, some residents have been helping to arrange biscuits and scones for afternoon tea, laying them out nice and neatly on the tables in preparation for residents to enjoy, perhaps with a visiting relative or two as well.

The residents thrive by being involved in such tasks. They feel accomplished once their tasks have been completed and enjoy their tea time meal or afternoon snack even more after being involved in organising the process.

Residents’ wellbeing is our key focus so if this means they wish to play a small part in helping to run their home, whether that’s Cramlington House or West Farm, then we will do what we can to make their wish come true!


What people are saying

  • "I am very pleased with how my mother has settled in and generally how supportive and caring the staff are. This has given us peace of mind knowing that she is safe & well looked after. Thank you."

  • "Our mum has been a resident at Cramlington House for over a year and we have nothing but praise for the friendly, approachable staff and management. We always feel like part of an extended family and when we visit nothing is too much bother. We are completely happy with the standard of care, support and understanding we all receive as a family."

  • "From the first day, I knew it was the place for my mum. Clean, friendly staff, lovely environment! My mum would not get the opportunity to do the activities she is experiencing if she was not in Cramlington House. It is home from home and we can visit anytime. I can't say enough of how great Cramlington House is. "

  • "This is an absolutely superb care facility. The staff say that this is the home of the residents, in which they work - and they evidence that philosophy every day. In the last months of our mother's long life, we took comfort form the fact that she was safe and secure, being well-fed and looked after. The entire care team are brilliant. "

  • "All the staff at West Farm have provided such wonderful care, compassion and support to my auntie. We both feel incredibly lucky to have found West Farm, it’s been the perfect home for my auntie. I can honestly say, hand on heart, every aspect of the care provided by each member of staff at West Farm has been outstanding."