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Quality Strategy


Building on over 20 years experience, Craig Healthcare provides residential care and support to older people in Northumberland with a special expertise in dementia care.

According to the Office of National Statistics, in 45 years time, there are likely to be additional 8.6 million people aged 65 and over in the UK. Alzheimer’s Research UK have found that there are just under 1 million people with dementia in the UK today, and this will increase to 1.6 million by 2050. Therefore, as well as developing plans to ensure we continue to deliver our current residents the best quality services, we will look at ways in which we can meet the increasing demand for services over time.

Our compassionate and caring approach is the key to our success and we aim to deliver services that give people control of their lives regardless of their health condition. We promote supported independence and deliver a service that meets the expectations of our residents and their families. We believe in promoting well-being and quality of life that is within the control and choices of the residents themselves. We consider it a privilege to be part of a person’s life journey and we provide excellent standards of end- of-life care.

This plan sets out how we will use our resources over the next 5 years and our aims to continuously improve our services using both traditional and innovative methods to further enhance people’s quality of life while in our care.

Lucy Craig, Managing Director

Our Strategic Quality Priorities

1. Invest in Quality Care – commitment to the provision of a quality service that meets the needs of the people we care for. We will strive to be a person centred organisation with people at the heart of it all; both the residents we support and for the staff we employ.

We will put decision making as close to the people we support as possible; transforming a traditional hierarchy to one that is truly person centred.

To demonstrate this, we will strive to:

2. Invest in Our Workforce – our employees will continue to be our greatest asset and we will commit to ensuring that our valued staff feel supported and engaged in their employment with us.

We believe that our employees deserve the best that we can offer as a local employer.

To demonstrate this, we will strive to:

3. Leading the Way in Shaping the Future of Adult Social Care – as a local organisation that understands local challenges, we will actively seek opportunities to develop new systems and share our good practices in order that adult social care can be more positively influenced on a wider local, regional and national scale.

To demonstrate this, we will strive to:

4. Delivering Value for Money – commitment to ensuring that we follow principles of being fair and transparent in our costs and providing services that give stakeholders reassurance of value in what they receive.

In delivering our priorities we will consider the value for money implications throughout; this means that we may increase our spending in our to achieve a positive outcome.

To demonstrate this, we will strive to:

5. Work Collaboratively with Stakeholders – commit to developing relationships with external organisations that will further contribute to the quality of the services we deliver.

We will look to actively engage with organisations in the short and long term in order to improve.

To demonstrate this, we will strive to:

6. Deliver Environmentally Sustainable Business Practices – by developing these we will not only provide healthier places to live and work, we will make our own contribution to ensuring that our residents and employees children and grandchildren and the generations to come are able to benefit from this place we call home; Earth.

To demonstrate this, we will strive to:

Key Facts

Stakeholder Involvement

Surveys and Responses

In order to develop this strategy for long term quality, we have invested our time in engaging with stakeholders. We feel that people who come into contact with our services, however brief or long-term, are those whose opinions matter.

“Quality is not what we put in; it is what the customer receives”

We sent out surveys to relatives, friends, service users and staff in September 2022 to gather views and we used this information to ensure that we are focusing our priorities in the right areas. This information has then been considered at Board Meetings and our plans and priorities agreed upon. Our response rates for surveys were 23% return rate from staff and 27% return rate from relatives, residents and friends. We are very keen to impress that our stakeholders views are important to us and we encourage as many people to be involved in giving their feedback as possible.

Further Stakeholder Involvement

As this strategy progresses through its 5 year life span, we will manage each project and task individually and report back to stakeholders for feedback on its progress and achievement on an annual basis.

We will continue to hold regular home-specific Relatives and Residents meetings where people are able to attend and join our community. We will sometimes use these meetings to share Quality Strategy progress or actions.

We will set up some specific Quality Strategy Forums for stakeholders to opt in to attending and become an active part of the delivery of this plan.

Next Steps

Our next steps will be to develop and implement our 5 Year Development Plan; this will be shared on the website for all to read. The plan will include specific actions and timescales and goals for us to achieve.

If you have any questions around this Quality Strategy please contact the Project Leads, Gemma Wilson on and Ray Robson on

The Board

The Board are the senior people within the organization who are responsible for the oversight and implementation of the actions and priorities in the Strategy.

Lucy Craig – Managing Director and Board Chair
Emma Carmody – Finance Manager
Ray Robson – Operations Manager and Project Lead
Gemma Wilson – Independent Consultant and Project Lead

Download Quality Strategy Brochure

What people are saying

  • "I am very pleased with how my mother has settled in and generally how supportive and caring the staff are. This has given us peace of mind knowing that she is safe & well looked after. Thank you."

  • "Our mum has been a resident at Cramlington House for over a year and we have nothing but praise for the friendly, approachable staff and management. We always feel like part of an extended family and when we visit nothing is too much bother. We are completely happy with the standard of care, support and understanding we all receive as a family."

  • "From the first day, I knew it was the place for my mum. Clean, friendly staff, lovely environment! My mum would not get the opportunity to do the activities she is experiencing if she was not in Cramlington House. It is home from home and we can visit anytime. I can't say enough of how great Cramlington House is. "

  • "This is an absolutely superb care facility. The staff say that this is the home of the residents, in which they work - and they evidence that philosophy every day. In the last months of our mother's long life, we took comfort form the fact that she was safe and secure, being well-fed and looked after. The entire care team are brilliant. "

  • "All the staff at West Farm have provided such wonderful care, compassion and support to my auntie. We both feel incredibly lucky to have found West Farm, it’s been the perfect home for my auntie. I can honestly say, hand on heart, every aspect of the care provided by each member of staff at West Farm has been outstanding."