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Ice Cream Van Visit at Holywell House


With the sun shining all week, residents at Holywell House were treated to a delightful visit from an ice cream van, bringing with it not only cool and refreshing treats but also a wave of joy and nostalgia. As the glorious sunshine graced their surroundings, this special occasion created an opportunity for residents to reminisce about the past, evoke cherished memories, and forge new ones.

Our manager at Holywell House, Julie McMurrough said: “The ice cream van visit not only reminds residents of their childhood but creates new memories and shared experiences within their care home community. As residents gathered together, conversations flowed, laughter filled the air, and bonds were strengthened. The act of enjoying ice cream under the sun sparked conversations about favorite flavours, childhood stories, and moments of laughter and happiness. These shared experiences play a vital role in fostering a sense of belonging and social connection among residents, enhancing their overall wellbeing and reducing feelings of isolation.

For those residents at Holywell House living with dementia, the ice cream van visit holds particular significance. Reminiscing about the past through familiar sensory experiences, such as the taste and texture of ice cream, can help evoke positive emotions, reduce anxiety, and promote a sense of comfort and familiarity. The joy and excitement experienced during the ice cream van visit can help stimulate cognitive functions and improve mood. Everyone had a lovely afternoon – long may the sun shine!


What people are saying

  • "I am very pleased with how my mother has settled in and generally how supportive and caring the staff are. This has given us peace of mind knowing that she is safe & well looked after. Thank you."

  • "Our mum has been a resident at Cramlington House for over a year and we have nothing but praise for the friendly, approachable staff and management. We always feel like part of an extended family and when we visit nothing is too much bother. We are completely happy with the standard of care, support and understanding we all receive as a family."

  • "From the first day, I knew it was the place for my mum. Clean, friendly staff, lovely environment! My mum would not get the opportunity to do the activities she is experiencing if she was not in Cramlington House. It is home from home and we can visit anytime. I can't say enough of how great Cramlington House is. "

  • "This is an absolutely superb care facility. The staff say that this is the home of the residents, in which they work - and they evidence that philosophy every day. In the last months of our mother's long life, we took comfort form the fact that she was safe and secure, being well-fed and looked after. The entire care team are brilliant. "

  • "All the staff at West Farm have provided such wonderful care, compassion and support to my auntie. We both feel incredibly lucky to have found West Farm, it’s been the perfect home for my auntie. I can honestly say, hand on heart, every aspect of the care provided by each member of staff at West Farm has been outstanding."